Know These Effects Of Thyroid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of time when your health complications get compounded. You have to battle swollen feet, nausea and giddiness. These problems are limited to you. However, when your health problems impact your unborn baby, it is a serious situation. Thyroid during pregnancy is one such problem that has its impact on the baby. High or low thyroid during pregnancy can affect the baby in a very negative way.If you already have thyroid problems, then they might be increased in intensity during your pregnancy. Some women also experience pregnancy related thyroid problems. Thyroid is basically an endocrine gland and thus any hormonal imbalance affects it. Here are some effects of thyroid during pregnancy.

Effects of thyroid during pregnancy are:

1.Risk Of Miscarriage: If you have high amounts of thyroid hormone in your blood during the first trimester of pregnancy, your chances of miscarriage are increased. This can be controlled with the right medications.

2.Neurological Development: A lack of sufficient thyroid hormone can sometimes cause problems with the baby's mental development. If the thyroid problem is not contained during pregnancy, you might give birth to a baby with mental disabilities or lower IQ levels.

3.Pre-Term Births: Sometimes, herper activity of the thyroid gland during pregnancy can lead to preeclampsia which means high blood pressure during pregnancy. This can impact the foetus in a negative way causing placenta related problems. It could also force a pre-term birth in extreme cases.

4.Damage To Baby's Thyroid Gland: The treatment of thyroid during pregnancy can also cause certain problems. Certain types of medications for thyroid contain radioactive iodine. These medications can damage your baby's thyroid gland if you take them during pregnancy. Whenever your doctor prescribes you medications for thyroid, specify that you are carrying a child.

These are the effects of thyroid during pregnancy period.