Know These Interesting Facts About Pregnancy

Pregnancy isn't easy. It is a tough journey every mother takes up to welcome the baby to this world.Many changes start occurring in the woman's body from the day of conception till the day of delivery.And some changes seem weird too. For example, when a woman is pregnant, suddenly the regular footwear she wears also feels tight. That's because feet might swell a bit during pregnancy.Here are some interesting facts about pregnancy to know.

1.During pregnancy, the uterus is said to expand at least 500 times more than its actual size.

2.When a pregnant women eats food, the baby first absorbs the necessary nutrients and this could sometimes leave the mother deficient of certain nutrients. Iron deficiency during pregnancy is one example.

3.Some studies say that babies pass urine while they are inside the womb. The passed urine again gets consumed.

4.During pregnancy, the bones in the body are said to soften a bit. Hormones like relaxin and estrogen are secreted more in order to relax the ligaments.

5.The average weight gain of pregnant women could be around 10 to 15 kilos but only around 36% of the weight gain is of the baby.

6.High levels of hormones could also make the skin dry. When the skin tears, stretch marks are also formed. Using a moisturiser may help.

7.Though many women think that breast feeding could alter the shape of the breast, the fact is pregnancy causes more changes in the shape of the breasts.

8.Some studies say that even the heart and the feet of pregnant women expand during pregnancy just like the uterus.

These are the interesting facts about pregnancy to know.