Know These Natural Ways To Stop Thumbsucking

Thumbsucking is a common habit in babies. To relieve their sucking reflex there are a handful of natural ways to stop this obsession. Parents these days are worried about this habit which at sometimes can lead to the age of 5. However according to experts, it is said that this habit should decrease by the age of 2-3. But if it prolongs as per the mentioned age, you need to stop the thumbsucking habit right away.The basic natural way to stop thumbsucking is by applying a bitter herb around your baby's finger. The smell of the bitter herb will avoid the obsession. The other way to stop thumbsucking is to buy a pacifier for your little one to suck on. Apart from this, how to get rid of thumb sucking remains as a subject of debate among parents around the world.Here are some natural ways to stop thumbsucking.

Natural ways to stop thumbsucking are:

1.Sauce: Hot sauce will do the trick. To stop your baby from thumbsucking apply a little tomato ketchup or chilli sauce . This little tip will help to stop the bad habit immediately.

2.Lemon Juice: When your baby isn't looking, gently spray a little lemon juice over the thumb. Sour or bitter lemons are preferred to naturally stop thumbsucking. Try this tip repeatedly till your baby comes out of the habit.

3.Bitter Herbs: One of the natural ways to stop thumbsucking is to apply a bitter herb to your baby's finger. Crush a few neem leaves with milk and smoothen it over the kid's finger. The strong bitterness from the leaf will cause a distraction in thumbsucking.

4.Pinch Of Salt: Salt is one of the best natural ways to stop thumbsucking. Salt mixed with a drop of water is applied on the baby's finger. Avoid adding too much of salt as it will cause the baby to choke up.

5.A Little Curry: To stop the thumbsucking habit, dab a little masala curry over his/her finger. Do this repeatedly every time you notice your baby putting his finger in the mouth.

These are the natural ways to stop thumbsucking.