Know These Signs Of Baby Illness

New parents always have to face the turmoil when their little one gets sick. There are some new parents who are not aware that their baby is sick and needs medical attention. Here are some signs to help new parents notice if their baby is sick or not.Nevertheless, there will be times when you will not be able to evaluate your infant if he's ill or not. You will at times not even be aware if you can handle the illness yourself or to get medical help.Here are some signs of baby illness to know.

Signs of baby illness are:

1.You should be aware that fever is not an illness, but by the way your baby responds during this time could signal a certain type of illness setting in. You should check the temperature of your baby and consult a doctor especially if you see your baby warming up over a period of 15 minutes. If your infant is less than three months old and has a temperature above 100.4 F it is time for you to worry. If the fever has an onset of rash and irritability, your baby needs to be seen by a doctor.

2.Dehydration can happen if the baby has been fed poorly. To notice if your baby is ill, check to see if he/she has a dry mouth and gums, wets the diaper less frequently and sheds no tears when crying. If you think that your baby is dehydrated, it is time to call your doctor.

3.It is common that you find infants spitting up from time to time. But, if your little one is constantly vomiting, there is something wrong. There could be a chance that your baby is down with food poisoning. Do not ignore this sign of illness. Make sure to check your baby's vomit to see if it contains blood or is green in colour.

4.Difficulty in breathing is another sign to know that your infant is not well. Do not wait too long to rush your child to the doctor.

5.Diarrhoea is common in infants. But if you notice any spot of blood you need to call your baby's doctor immediately. Beware of watery stools as well. If your baby is passing watery stools more than three times in a day, your baby needs medical treatment.

These are the signs of baby illness to know.