Know These Ways To Make Your Baby Poop Regularly

If your baby poops regularly, it is a sign that your little one is healthy. Pooping is an essential bodily activity and tells you how your baby's digestive system is functioning. But sometimes, your baby may not poop for days. Don't worry; it is natural for your baby's nascent large intestines to take some time to adjust. Meanwhile, you can try some way to make your baby poop externally.To make your baby poop, if constipated, is actually easier than you think. All you have to do is ensure that your baby is suffering from constipation. Sometimes, babies don't poop much when they are having a growth spurt. This happens around 2-4 months of age. You can still try to make your baby poop by using many different tricks.

These home remedies to make your baby's poop softer come from age old wisdom. Your grandmothers might have tried these tips to make their babies poop when there were no laxatives available. All these ways to make your baby's poop softer are natural and thus, you need not fear for side effects.Here are some ways to make your baby poop regularly.

1.Honey + Warm Water: Mix one teaspoonful of virgin honey in lukewarm water and give it to your baby in a feeding bottle. You can also feed this mixture with a spoon. This combination of honey and warm water is a natural laxative for babies.

2.Solidified Ghee: Freeze ghee in the refrigerator and make small pellets from it. Now push these pellets of solid ghee into your baby's rectum. The ghee melts and helps the baby pass stools.

3.Cycling Exercises: Make your baby lie down on the bed and hold his or her legs by ankles. Now work your baby's legs in a cycling motion to stimulate his or her large intestines. This helps release trapped gas and also poop quickly.

4.Abdominal Massage: Take some warm coconut oil and massage your baby's lower abdomen with it. This helps to ease your baby's bowels and make pooping easier.

5.Warm Bath: Sometimes, a warm bath can be comforting to your baby's abdomen. Soak your baby in a warm bath to help him or her poop easily.

6.Vibrating Chair: Many rockers and prams have vibrators in them these days. Put your baby in the chair and start the vibrator. The vibrating motion may help your baby poop easily.

7.Rectal Temperature: Taking the rectal temperature of your baby with a thermometre can also be the stimulus needed for him or her to poop.

8.Glycerin Pellets: Roll solidified glycerin into pellets and insert one or two of these pellets into your baby's rectum. Glycerin melts quickly and makes your baby's poop softer.

These are the ways to make your baby poop regularly.