Parenting Resolutions That Every Mom Should Make

If you are a parent, you must be looking forward to take this fresh start by the horns and get committed to better parenting.Parenting is a tough job. No matter how hard you work at it and give it your best shot, you will still feel like you are lacking in some way or the other. Every parent thinks that they could have done a better job at parenting when they are done with it.Parenting is not just hard, it is perhaps the most important thing you can do with your life. A good style of parenting would mean that you create independent, confident and mature children that are an asset to the society. If you do something wrong, it can lead your child to even go astray.

But can you give your children a better parenting if you are a poor role model? Often, bettering yourself and striving to improve yourself will make you the best role model your children can ask for. Make sure that you practice what you preach. If you are bad at handling your emotions, you can't expect your children to be good at handling theirs.As a mom, you can make a few changes and be resolved to be a better parent when this New Year.

Parenting resolutions every mom should know are:

1.Take Care Of Yourself: And by that we mean take care of yourself in every way possible. Be happy, satisfied and patient in your life. Get a good night's sleep, so that you wake up ready to face the challenges of parenting. Eat well and eat healthy. Rinse your mind off of all the negativity and instill positive voices in it. Get yourself medically treated if you are sick. Slow down and take in all the beauty and the joy of every moment.

2.Accept Yourself: Learn to not be too hard on yourself. Accept yourself the way you are. Love yourself. This way, you will have more love to go around to your children. You will teach them by example to love themselves. Also, your life will be transformed for the better.

3.Help Your Children Thrive In A Loving Atmosphere: Many homes have toxic environments and they are not good for a child to grow in. Commit to yourself that you will give your kids a loving home to come to. Be it the interactions with your partner or with the children themselves, make sure that they are calm and healthy. In case you find yourself in a toxic situation, be sure to remove your children from it immediately.

4.Reconnect With Your Child: Today, people living under the same roof can sometimes be strangers. Do not let your life drift away from your kids' lives. Communicate with them. Hug your children every day. Read to them and ask them about their day. Talk at the dinner table. Reconnect with them in a way that helps you make your house a family.

5.Respect Your Kids: It is usually taught to the kids that they need to respect their elders. But what about the respect that the kids must get from the elders. They say, "Give respect to take respect". This is true here too. Commit to treating your children and individuals that deserve respect. This will help them grow with humility and self-esteem.

6.Forgive Your Child’s Folly: Many parents forget that their babies are not perfect. They may make mistakes. It is your responsibility as a parent to see that they are not severely punished. No one is a bad person when they are born and as a parent, it is up to you to lead them on the right path.

7.Tend To Your Child’s Emotional Needs: A baby perhaps has more need for emotion and affection. Make sure that you raise an emotionally sound child. Do not leave your child to self soothing. When your baby cries at night, pick her up and comfort her. This way, your baby will learn to self sooth. Empathise and feel their pain when you are at a public place. Make sure that you do not ridicule her emotions in the public. Listen to what she has to say.

8.Try To Understand Why The Child Does: What He Does Tantrums and wailing of the baby can get to your nerves. But yelling at them or scolding them will not change their behaviour. You need to address their needs or what the baby might be trying to communicate to you. This way, you will have a more disciplined child in your hands. They will also learn to communicate better.

9.Do Not Use Corporeal Punishment & Also Teach Them That Hitting Is Wrong: Many a times, babies and younger children use hitting as a means to express displeasure and anger. Do not use the same hitting as a method to correct them. Teach them that they need to use words to express their feelings to the other person.

These are the parenting resolutions to know.