Reasons Why Your Baby Not Teething

There are different stages in a child’s life and each stage is as important and significant as the next. You need to keep a close eye on your baby’s development till they reach full maturity. No child is the same, similarly the development will also be different, but the basics will be the same for any child. All parents need to know all the stages of the child; physical, mental and emotional.When you see that your child is lagging behind, you can ask your pediatrician for advice. Sometimes catching it early can make a big difference. Teething is one of the most essential stages for a baby. Initially the gums will become stronger and then the small baby tooth will work its way through. For this process to happen, it will take 9 – 12 months and in some cases even more.

You will know that your child is teething by the following symptoms like decreased interest for solid food, biting, ear rubbing, gum rubbing, irritability, sucking and lack of sleep. But, there are cases when the baby delays in teething. The problem starts when baby not teething even after a considerable period of time.Following are a few reasons why a baby has teething problems. You need give your child ample amount of time and if still the baby is not teething, you will need to find what causes the teething problem by seeking medical help.

1.Hereditary Teething: One of the main reasons for baby not teething is that it is genetic. Your baby is what you are, so look into the family history and check if you have a long list of babies with teething problems. So, basically in this case there is nothing much to do but to wait for your child to start teething.

2.Poor Nutrition: One of the basic reasons why your child has teething problems is poor nutrition. Your baby is at a stage where they need all the nutrition that they can get. This is one of the reasons why breast milk is suggested as this will give your child everything he needs. When he takes solid food you need to make sure that he is getting the right amount of everything.Vitamin D and calcium deficiency can also lead to baby not teething.

3.Hypothyroidism: The under activity of the thyroid gland is referred to as hypothyroidism. This can cause teething problems in the baby. This is a case of development problem where you need to seek medical advice. This can also cause delayed walking, delayed talking and overweight in the baby.

4.Vitamin D Deficiency: Vitamin D will help the body to use the calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Hence, the deficiency in vitamin D can be the reason for baby not teething. The main source of vitamin D is sunshine. Providing supplements may also work. Vitamin D deficiency can occur naturally if the baby is born preterm.

5.Medical Help: If you find that your baby has teething problems even after 13 months of age, it is highly recommended to visit your doctor. He can run a few tests and see if there is any other problems. In most cases, there will not be and all you need to do is to be patient.

These are the reasons why your baby not teething.