Reasons Why Baby Before Marriage is Not a Good Idea

1. Financial stability

When you are married and have a kid, you can be assured of financial stability as your husband can take care of the bills and other expenses when you are off from work having the kid and raising the kid later. If you choose to spend more time with the kid, then you can also quit working without having to worry about money as you have someone else taking care of the two of you.

2. Emotional stability

When you have a kid after marriage, you can count on someone to be there for you and you do not have to go through your whole pregnancy and birth alone. The kid will also feel secure when you feel secure about your relationship. Whatever may be said about a marriage, the fact remains that it does provide you with some kind of security and stability. Kids with two parents have it easier than kid a raised by a single parent.

3. You have a legal protection

The romance in the marriage may not always last, but you have a legal protection when you are married. Your kid too will have a legal name and the father would be more responsible when you are married than when you are not.

4. The baby won’t be the only reason you are getting married

Sometimes you can get married only because you have had a baby. This rather forces you to get married than marry out of love. You may even have fallen out of love by the time you are having the kid, but still might go along with it for the sake of the kid. It is better to have a kid in a loving marriage than have a kid and get into a loveless marriage.

5. It is still not widely acceptable to have a kid before marriage

It may be prevalent and on the rise, but it still is not completely acceptable to many to have a kid before marriage. Unless you move in your circle which is understanding or do not care, people still raise their eyebrows when you let them now about your marital status and always ask you when you plan to tie the knot.