Risks and Cons of Abortion

1. Cancer

There is a long standing argument about breast cancer and abortion. Many studies have been on since 1980’s to prove that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer. Studies have shown that in early pregnancy, the levels of estrogen increases leading to the development of breasts in preparation for lactation. When this process is stopped abruptly, the vulnerable immature cells in the breast increase the risk of cancer. 

2.Future Risks

pregnancy may not be the one planned for, we are sure you may want to have a child in the future. These dreams are thrown under the bus more often than not when you choose to get an abortion. What most women don’t realize is that abortion does not end with eliminating the child, there are lots of complications that may follow. The worst one being damage to the uterus and cervix. There have been cases where abortion has led to severe damage to the uterus and the women not being able to conceive in the future. 

3.Physical and Mental Effects

 Excessive bleeding and infections can lead to fever and there have been cases where women have even lost their lives. Nervousness before or after abortion can lead to nightmares, affecting the mental health in women. When you get an abortion done, you put your body through a lot of difficulty and even though you may not realize, you are just killing yourself slowly. Post abortion complications are very common and lead to several other ailments. Most women experience bleeding up to 30 days and beyond. This can even lead to a hemorrhage and can get to a point where blood transfusion or surgery may be required. As trivial as it may sound, insertion of surgical tools can lead to scarring of the pelvic organs. 

4. Psychological Effects

Most women suffer from PAS (Post-Abortion Syndrome) experiencing ‘impacted grief’ which festers within oneself while other people assure that no real death has occurred. Also the guilt of having done something wrong lingers on the minds of women. But on the other hand, they are not able to mourn properly due to the denial by people surrounding them. All this leads to severe psychological problems like becoming aggressive or reclusive. Nightmares and flashbacks are also common occurrences in women suffering from post-abortion syndrome. It is difficult enough putting yourself through the pain of abortion.