Super Strange Facts About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not something that is unfamiliar to us. All of us know the basic concept of how a person gets pregnant, what happens during pregnancy and how at the end of it a person is blessed with a lovely baby. Quite honestly, many of these things have intrigued mankind for ages. Today, thanks to the fact that we are armed with the weapons of modern science and technology, we are finally able to arrive at worthy conclusions for most of it. These conclusions that are backed by scientific theories have taken up the form of facts.

1. Size Of Uterus

Most of the organs in the human body attain their full size by the time the person becomes an adult. After that, the organs usually retain their size and structure. However, the same cannot be said about a woman's uterus. This is one organ that expands to over 500 times in the course of pregnancy. Once the child is born, it shrinks again. However, the uterus cannot get back to its absolute initial form and will be slightly more elastic than its original self.

2. Fingerprint Identification 

Every human being has a unique fingerprint. That is why the same is used for identification purposes in criminal or biometric scenes. Most people believe that human beings are born with unique fingerprints. However, that is far from being true. The fingerprint of an individual is acquired way before that. In most cases, this happens by the time he or she is a 3-month-old foetus. 

3. Peeing 

This is another noteworthy point. Most of you must gross out at the idea of drinking your own pee. However, the fact is, at some point in your life you must have done it. It has been proven that from the second trimester, babies start peeing. While this is something that you would consider to be absolutely normal, the next thing here is the fact that babies drink this pee. This process of drinking their own pee goes on until the time the child is delivered. 

4. Excretion 

If you were not grossed out by the previous point, chances are that this one will gross you out. A baby makes its first poo by the time it is about 21 weeks old. This poo is not excreted out of the body till well after delivery. In fact, this is the reason why the contractions that a mother experiences during childbirth do not stop immediately after the child is pushed out. Once the baby has come out, the mother's body will still experience contractions that will enable this poo to be pushed out of the body.

5. Size Of Eggs 

As human beings, the last thing that we would want would be to be compared to dogs, pigs or mice. Talking about gestation, the eggs of whales, pigs, dogs, gorillas, mice, rabbits and us humans is approximately the same size.