Things To Do After C-Section To Recover Faster

Undergoing caesarean surgery or C-Section is something not many would-be mothers or their families prefer; but at times, C-Section becomes the only way out to reduce the risk to the health of the mother and also baby.A C-Section operation of course takes a toll on the body, unlike normal delivery; and hence it is very important to take proper care of the body after the surgery, so that you can be back on your toes all fine and recover from it faster.Here are some things to do after C section to recover faster.

1.Mobility: Once the catheter (for removing fluid from the body) is removed, you can start moving around - first with the help of the nurses and then by yourself. This will speed up your recovery process. But, do it slowly, so that you don't put too much of pressure on your recovering body.

2.Take Care Of The Healing: Follow the medications your doctor has suggested, so that the healing process gets over fast. Ensure that the healing area doesn't get wet by any means.

3.Take Simple Diet: Since you had to undergo a lot of difficulty during your surgery and also had little or no food, you would tend to gobble up a whole lot of food once you are allowed to eat. It is very important to restrain yourself at this moment, as your digestive system is not yet up to the mark. Stick to a simple diet for a few more days.

4.Go To The Restroom When It Is Urgent: Make sure that you always relieve yourself on time and not delay whenever you need to go to the restroom, feeling that movement will hurt you. Take all the pain to go to the restroom when you are allowed to do it or else your incision might suffer.

5.Don't Lift Weight: Never lift anything heavy during this phase, as it would put pressure on the operated area. Avoid stressing yourself till a few weeks after you are discharged. Your internal organs are still to regather themselves, remember.

6.Sleep In A Comfortable Position: You might have to sleep sideways even after your stitches are cut and the recovery process starts. Try to get yourself comfortable during sleeping, so that your sleep doesn't get disturbed and your body gets enough rest.

7.Don't Rush To Perform Exercises: Give your recuperating body all the time in the world after a surgery. Don't try to fit yourself in the narrow-waist jeans soon after your delivery. Putting pressure on the abdomen can be dangerous. Walk around with your baby and can do some light movements with him/her. For the time being, it is enough.

8.Stay/Sleep Near The Baby: If you put your baby in a cradle, make sure that it is placed near your bed, so that you don't have to put any extra effort to reach out to the cradle to give your baby a feed. Overdoing it will put pressure on your operated area.

9.Avoid Sex: Even if your doctor says that you need to take precautions for the first 40 days or so, it will not be easy for you to go for sex during this time because you are not physically fit. Talk to your husband over this and make sure there is no misunderstanding over it.

10.Avoid Constipation: Don't force during the bowel movement, as you will have a tendency to develop constipation in the post-delivery period. Putting pressure on the abdomen could be dangerous. For that, have enough water and a suitable diet.

These are the things to do after c section to recover faster.