Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

It is better to plan your pregnancy at the right stage of your life when you are completely healthy, active and secure. Also, it is better to prepare your mind and body for pregnancy at least a few months before conception.Also, it is advisable to take certain other measures even before you get the idea of getting pregnant. Here are some things to do before getting pregnant.

1.Pre-Natal Checkup: It is better to go for a check up to examine your overall health condition. Also, it is better to tell the doctor about your medical history and the medications you use if any.

2.Genetic-Carrier Test: This test allows you to know whether you have any disorders that may pass on to your next generation. Both the parents must undergo this. This test might help you take certain precautions to have a healthy child.

3.Quit Addictions: It is better to quit smoking, drinking and other habits before conception. Such habits may harm the foetus and may also cause stillbirths.

4.Quit Processed Foods: All kinds of processed foods are bad during pregnancy. Also, avoid street foods during that phase.

5.Quit Coffee: Though a bit of caffeine isn't bad, over-dosage could be bad during pregnancy. It is better to totally quit caffeine intake during pregnancy.

6.Stay Active: Before getting pregnant, it is better to prepare your body by working out regularly.

7.Relax Well: Your emotional state is very important for pregnancy. A peaceful mind could increase the chances of delivering a healthy baby.

These are the things to do before getting pregnant.