Things To Know About Is It Safe To Eat Chinese Food During Pregnancy

When we go out, most of us usually like to try new dishes and Chinese food has become quite popular among the masses. However, is it safe for pregnant women to indulge in eating Chinese food? Most of us love the yummy gobi manchurians, noodles, fried rice, etc., right? These are Chinese foods that have stolen our hearts, especially in countries like India, where people love variety when it comes to food.

When we go outside to eat, we notice people, regardless of age and gender, enjoying Chinese food. Now, when it comes to pregnant women, we already know that they need to follow a healthy diet, as whatever the pregnant woman eats, directly reaches her unborn, through the umbilical cord. Also, many pregnant women experience a lot of cravings, owing to the hormonal fluctuations that occur in their body, so it is common for a pregnant woman to crave for tasty food.Here are some things to know about is it safe to eat chinese food during pregnancy.

1.Chinese foods like noodles, manchurian, fried rice, momos, etc., are known to contain certain harmful toxic additives, which add a great taste.

2.One of these toxic substances found in Chinese food is called monosodium glutamate or MSG.

3.Monosodium glutamate is a type of sodium salt, derived from glutamic acid which has the ability to make dishes much tastier.

4.Numerous research studies over the years have linked the ingestion of MSG, through Chinese food, to many ailments like digestive disorder, headaches, allergies, asthma, joint pain, weight gain, etc.

5.In addition, the studies have also found that when a pregnant woman consumes Chinese food, the MSG content in it can reach the foetus and affect its growth.

6.The non-essential amino acids present in MSG can stunt the skeletal growth of the baby inside the womb, causing certain developmental disorders.

7.Apart from MSG, Chinese food is extremely high in sodium content, which can worsen morning sickness, cramps and bloating in pregnant women.

8.So, in conclusion, it is not safe for pregnant women to consume Chinese food on a regular basis.

These are the facts to know about is it safe to eat Chinese food during pregnancy.