Things To Know About Is It Safe To Get Pregnant After Fifty

Nowadays, some women are choosing to conceive at an older age. The developments in technology have also made it possible to conceive even after 50.Generally, after the age of 42, the quality of the eggs may decline which makes it difficult to conceive. Also, the number of eggs may decrease drastically. After 47, it is very difficult to have a natural pregnancy. But methods like egg donation and vitro-fertilization may help.Women who are above 50, can have pregnancy using donated eggs. But certain risks like hypertension and diabetes can't be ruled out. Also, certain birth defects like pre-term delivery, still-birth and growth restriction may also occur.

Carrying the womb would be harder and stressful for women who crossed the age of 50 compared to younger women.The risk of certain genetic abnormalities in the babies can't be ruled out if a woman gets pregnant after 45 years. But if donated eggs are used, that risk could be minimised a bit.If you are above 50 and still wish to get pregnant then consult a doctor. Try to know about all the risk and concerns of getting pregnant at that age.

The doctor may recommend tests to analyse the function of ovaries and fallopian tubes. Also, the quality of the eggs has to be analysed. Depending upon the situation, the doctor may advice several remedies.If egg donation method is finalised then blood tests and ultrasound scanning are done to check whether the body can bear the child. Also, there could be several others tests to analyse whether one is mentally prepared to carry a baby through a donated egg.

The general health is examined to rule out conditions like anemia, cardiovascular issues, diabetes and high BP. After all check ups are cleared, then the doctor may recommend estrogen and progesterone intake for a few weeks. This is done to make the uterus ready for the pregnancy. Even after the egg implantation, the doctor may recommend hormone intake for some more time. This way, many procedures can make pregnancy possible after 50 but the possibility of several health risks can't be fully ruled out.