Tips to Overcome Anxiety Before Delivery

1. Talk to your doctor

Mostly it’s the fear of “unexpected” and “unpredictable” that brings about anxiety. By talking openly to your gynecologist/obstetrician, you can gather all the required information and paint a mental picture of what you’ll experience. This helps to soothe your mind and prepares you better for delivery.

2. Talk to your mother/mother–in–law or other experienced ladies

It helps to share and talk about such experiences. So look for support from your mother/mother–in-law or some other experienced womenfolk.

3. Stay away from negative people/friends

Surround yourself with positive people having positive thoughts. Stay away from negativity. Don’t let negative people make you feel more scared about pregnancy and delivery.

4. Keep a pregnancy journal

Maintaining a pregnancy journal helps you make sense of the emotional chaos that you may be experiencing. Writing down your string of random thoughts makes them coherent and gives you a peace of mind. It can help mitigate the feelings of anxiety in the final weeks of pregnancy.

5. Plan your delivery

It helps you immensely to plan your delivery with the help of your doctor. Whether you want a natural birth or epidural, whether you want your husband by your side or some other close member of your family– planning of all such things will help you overcome your anxiety.

6. Join special customized classes for pregnant women

Such classes are very helpful as they teach you how to breathe during delivery and what to expect during that time. It’s like a “simulation training” for the final day. Besides, it helps to prepare your mind for the actual delivery.

7. Join a support group

If you are really nervous, then you can join some support group where women get together and talk about their experiences, fears and expectations. This helps to sympathize and empathize. It also helps you take your mind off your anxiety. It provides you with the support that you’ve been looking for.

8. Talk to a psychologist/psychiatrist

If the anxiety level is too high and nothing seems to help, then take professional medical help. Visit a psychologist/psychiatrist to discuss about your anxiety.