Ways To Deal With Anal Fissure In Children

Anal fissures could also occur even in children. In fact the risk could be higher in infants who are below one year of age. In children above one year of age, the risk is not so high. In fact, they generally heal themselves within a few days. Anal fissures occur when passing hard stools during constipation. Hard stools cause tears in the skin and this could make it painful. As passing stool becomes a painful job, children may try to avoid nature's calls and this could worsen the issue of constipation. Symptoms include blood in the excreta, blood stains on the toilet paper, a tiny crack in the skin near the anus, pain while passing stool etc. If you see any of these symptoms in the kid, it is better to contact a pediatrician.Here are some ways t deal with anal fissure in children.

Ways to deal with anal fissure in children are:

1.Fill a small tub with lukewarm water and make your kid sit in that. It can offer soothing effect to the area around the anus.

2.As constipation could worsen the issue, avoid it by feeding your kid with fibre-rich foods. Also, hydrate your baby and make him exercise regularly.

3.Use a baby wipe to wipe the anal area of the baby. As the area tends to be very sensitive, using a baby wipe is better as other kinds of tissue papers irritate the skin.

4.You can consult the doctor to get a healing cream prescribed. The fissure can be healed if you follow doctor's advice.

5.Keep the anal area clean. Change the diaper frequently. Ensure that bacteria don't breed due to poor hygiene.

6.If the doctor prescribes a laxative, use it but carefully follow the instructions and avoid over usage.

7.If none of the attempts cure the issue, doctor may recommend a minor surgery. Depending upon your kid's condition, take a safe decision.

These are the ways to deal with anal fissure in children.