Ways To Predict Gender By Baby Movements In The Womb

In most countries abroad, it is a common practice to reveal the gender of the child that is in the mother's womb. However, it is illegal in India due to the evil practice of female foeticide. We must refrain from such socially irresponsible practices but if you want to predict your baby's gender just for fun, then we can help you. Did you know that baby movements in the womb are a huge factor in predicting the gender of the baby?it is a fact that you can predict your baby's gender based on baby movements. Now, how appropriate these predictions are can be questionable from the scientific point of view. Here are some ways to predict gender by baby movements in the womb.

Ways to predict gender by baby movements in the womb are:

1.If baby moves early, it's a boy: Ideally, you should be able to feel the baby move when you are 20 weeks pregnant. But some mothers can feel baby movement as early as 16 weeks. In such cases, it is said that the baby is most probably male.

2.If the baby is very active, it's a girl: A female foetus is always considered stronger than a male foetus. This is a scientifically proven fact. As the female foetus has both XX chromosomes, it is much more stable than the male foetus. As a result, the girl child is able to move much more in the womb than the boy child. Three foetal movements for half an hour is considered normal. If you can feel many more than that, then you are probably going to have a little girl.

3.Baby boys kick more than they move: It is easy to distinguish between a kick and a movement when the baby is in your womb. Girls move more in the womb. But baby boys start practising their football skills even before they are born. It is believed that baby boys kick more than baby girls.

Baby movements are also subject to implantation and position of the placenta. So while you can have fun reading these ways to predict your baby's gender based on baby movements, you should not take it as gospel truth.