Ways Pregnancy Prepares You for Parenthood

Live in the moment Consider this fact: Only about 5 percent of babies are born on their due date. The rest come in their own time -- without a thought to their mother's schedule or the obstetrician's predictions. Being okay with that kind of unpredictability will take you far as a new mom.

Breathe deeply If you want to be able to handle motherhood like a pro, you've got to learn to keep your cool, even through the craziest moments. "Being pregnant is stressful, so I had to learn to clear my mind of worries and just focus on my growing baby. Practicing prenatal yoga really helped with that

The internet is not a doctor We've all been guilty of Googling strange symptoms in the middle of the night, but getting obsessed with these online "diagnoses" can make you do some crazy stuff.

Snacks can save your life On-the-go nibbles are the best weapon to ward off both pregnancy exhaustion and kiddo hunger attacks. 

Tune out the noise If there's one thing today's moms have plenty of, it's opinions. Whether they're complaining about another mother's choices or their own frustrations, random parents' outbursts can make it hard to trust your own choices.