When Do Babies Crawl

Babies start crawling between the age of 6 to 10 months. They start crawling as soon as they start sitting without any support. They themselves try to figure out how they can start moving back and forth when they get up with their arms and legs on the ground. By that time, their muscles are strong enough to bear their weight. However, there are few babies that skip crawling and directly start walking. Parents need not be worried about this. Till they are moving, this hardly makes any difference.

My baby started crawling at the age of 8 months and 15 days. The very fact that she has started crawling makes me wonder how naughty she is. She would crawl through every room of my house, making me run behind her. Wait till your baby starts crawling and then have all the more fun with him/her

Babies look very cute when they crawl. Especially when you are sitting on the other end with their favorite toy, and they want to snatch it from you as soon as possible. How energetically they come towards you, crawling and giggling and with all the intentions of taking it away from you. It makes me happy when my child does that.