Why A pillow Is Not Safe For Your Baby

You don't need to buy a pillow for your infant as he or she doesn't need one in the first place. Actually, experts say that it is better to allow your infant to sleep without a pillow at least during the first couple of years. After your baby grows up a bit to get accustomed to the pillow, you can gradually use one.First, you must never let your baby sleep on the chest. Lie him or her on the back. If you wish to buy a pillow after the age of 2 or 3, go for the one which is flat and also tight. If your baby is sleeping in one position for too long, you must change the position a bit in order to avoid the pressure of lying in one place.

When your baby is asleep, you must ensure that he or she doesn't get suffocated or choked due to the toys lying on the bed. Remember that your baby cannot control certain sleeping conditions and he or she cannot read danger. Also, your baby cannot escape danger without help.Here are some reasons why a pillow is not safe for your baby.

Reasons why a pillow is not safe for your baby are:

1.Flat-head syndrome: There is something called flat-head syndrome. If your infant sleeps for hours together on a pillow that is too soft, it might cause certain structural deformities.

2.Your baby might suffocate: Most of us think that babies can sleep happily and comfortably when there is a pillow. But we are wrong. Your infant might suffocate. Your baby might not be able to comfortably move his head on the pillow. Pillows restrict free movement. Also, the materials used in the pillow can impact the comfort levels of your infant.

3.Some pillows cause sprains: When your baby sleeps for long, pillows cause sprain in the neck. Of course, this doesn't happen when the pillow is well designed. But unfortunately, most of the baby pillows are not designed keeping in view all the requirements.

4.Temperature issues: Can an infant use a pillow? If the pillow cover is made with materials like polyester, then it could raise the temperature beneath the baby's head. Some materials cause excessive sweating. So, parents must ensure that their babies are not struggling to breathe well because of the pillow. If at all, a pillow is required, ensure that cotton is the material used for the pillow cover.

These are the reasons why a pillow is not safe for your baby.