Why Talking To Babies Is Good Parenting

We often see parents at malls or doctor's clinic carrying out conversations with their babies. Many would shrug and say it is silly because babies cannot understand our language. However, talking to babies is a very good parenting strategy. Your baby is smarter than you think he or she is. And talking to babies helps their brains pick up languages quickly.Talking to babies early is thus the best way to make sure that they pick up words quickly. You must talk to infants as young as a few weeks old as soon as their hearing capabilities are not fuzzy any more. This helps babies learn language quickly. As a baby's mind is much more fertile than ours, they tend to grasp words very quickly.Here are some reasons why talking to babies is good parenting.

Reasons why talking to babies is good parenting are:

1.Linguistic Instinct: When you learn a language, what do you learn first; the grammar or the words? In most cases, a language is learned by instinct and thus, we are able to speak our mother tongue without knowing any grammar. Talking to babies ignites their linguistic instinct.

2.First Step To Speaking: The first step to speaking is actually hearing. When we hear a particular syllable, only then we try to pronounce it out loud. Thus, hearing the parents speak is the first step to talking correctly for the babies. So while talking to babies early, say simple words like 'baba', 'mamma', 'tata' instead of complex sentences. You can use full sentences so that your baby gets a hint about grammatical context. But don't expect the baby to pick up sentences all together. They usually start by repeating syllables.

3.Multi-Lingual: We are living in a world that is completely multi-lingual. So the more languages your baby can pick up, the better it is for him or her. That is why; always talk to your baby in one language at a time. For example, do not use English and Hindi words together while speaking. Let them pick up both languages separately and distinctly. Babies have very fertile brains as we mentioned before but they should not be muddled with an incomprehensible mixture of languages.

4.Word Of Caution: Babies are usually very perceptive. You never know which word they will pick up from your conversation. So steer clear of using any casual bad words or abusive language while you are talking to your baby. You do not want your baby's first word to be a '4-letter' word, do you?

These are the reasons why talking to babies is good parenting.