Dating Rules You Should Break

1. The guy must always pay

Well, if it is your first date, then yes. Even the guy wouldn’t like it if you insist on paying. But if the relationship continues after that date, it should not be a rule that the guy has to always pay for everything. Assuming that neither of you are filthy rich, obviously it would be a nice gesture from your end to treat him at times. 

2. Women should never approach men

This has become a part of the women subconscious that it always has to be the man who asks the woman out. Not necessarily! Fear of rejection is equal in the hearts of both man and woman. So, being a woman, there is nothing wrong if you take the first step. If he refuses because he thinks you are too outwardly, you’re really better off without such a guy. Otherwise, you may even end up being a great couple.

3. Take long to respond to texts

If you always wait for a long time before responding to his texts because you feel that this will make him want you more and will not show you as being desperate, the reality of the matter is that you will never really have any meaningful conversation like this, and eventually the guy will simply get fed-up and end the relation.

4. Play hard to get

If you don’t like a guy, ignore him and that is fine. But if you actually like a guy, then show him so by your behavior. A simple smile or a touch is enough to send that message across. Guys are as it is nervous about approaching girls, and if you add on to that your cold and harsh looks, you will only be pushing away the guy further.

5. Don’t date a coworker

While this can be a good advice for some, it does not need to be a rule that is engraved on stone. The reason people say that you should not date a coworker is because if things don’t work out between the two of you, situations can get quite awkward at work.