Does It Bad If You Masturbate Too Much

There is nothing wrong in touching yourself to satisfy your cravings. But too much of anything could bring its own set of problems.Once in a while, it is healthy to satisfy yourself using your body in the absence of a partner. But if you are addicted to it then it could soon turn into a disorder known as compulsive masturbating disorder.When there is a constant urge to release fluids, it is tough to focus on anything else.Here are some things to know about does it bad if you masturbate too much.

1.Just like binge eating and emotional eating, going on a masturbating spree could also be bad for your body and mind.

2.In some cases, people suffering from this disorder may feel the need to masturbate even after an intense lovemaking session with their partners. Unless they touch themselves they don't get that ecstasy anymore.

3.Compulsive masturbating could result in injury of the genitals in some rare cases. You might need to handle your sensitive parts with care.

4.If you are finding it tough to feel the ecstasy with your partner and feeling good only if you masturbate (as you spend more time touching yourself) then it could mean that you are addicted to yourself.

5.If you are doing it more than 3-4 times a day and if you are rubbing your privates till they become sore, then you might be suffering from this disorder.

6.Health experts suggest finding new hobbies to pass free time, avoiding porn at all costs and finding pleasure in the company of the partner to minimise the addictive effects of masturbation.

7.Just like any other obsessive behavior like OCD, depression and anxiety, even compulsive masturbating disorder may need medical help.

These are the things to know about does it bad to masturbate too much.