Does Monogamy Dying In A Relationship

In today's world, relationships have become fragile. Though we have all kinds of gadgets to connect with our fellow human beings something seems to be missing. The rates of infidelity are increasing all over the world.Also, the success rate of marriages is declining in all urban societies. The number of committed relationships is declining.What could be the reason? Do people find monogamy tough? Or is it an outdated concept? Here are some things to know about does monogamy dying in a relationship.

1.Many people think that a spouse must be able to fulfill all needs of a person including physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. This may or may not be possible in all the cases. In fact, high expectations could only cause disappointment and that could fuel the desire to find someone else.

2.Till a few decades ago, the exposure of an average human being was very less. In those days, when exposure was very less, people had access to only 100-150 people during a lifetime. But today, we have thousands of people in our circles and our acquaintances throughout a lifetime would be countless. This gives us lots of potential options. When there are options, people would naturally dare to move on easily.

3.When an average human being comes across so many potential options on a daily basis, any slightest disharmony in the marriage life would make him or her think that there are better options out there.

4.Only the most compatible couples are able to last longer in today's world, say many surveys.

5.Those who digest the fact that marriage isn't the answer for everything in life tend to keep their expectations low; that can help bring some stability in marriage.

6.Relationship experts claim that inner vacuum cannot be healed by a partner/spouse and one must find a solution inside the heart itself instead of hopping from one relationship to another.

As far as other needs are concerned, friends, work, hobbies and a lot of other channels exist to fulfill them; marriage shouldn't be burdened so much.