Does Your Past Making Your Partner Jealous

You have dated some very good-looking women in the past before your partner got into your life. When she comes to see the pictures of your ex-girlfriends, she may feel a bit jealous. That is known as retroactive jealousy.It occurs to even men whose partners have handsome ex-boyfriends.Here are some ways that your past making your partner jealous.

Ways that you past making your partner jealous are:

1.The Actual Reason: Firstly, the reason why this kind of jealousy surfaces is due to insecurity. If your partner has dated someone more attractive than you, it is quite normal to experience a fear which makes you worry whether that ex may come back to your partner's life.

2.Handle The Fear: Why should you handle the fear? When you are burning inside, you cannot give your best to your relationship. So, it is better to address the fear. If your partner has retroactive jealousy then it is your job to calm down his or her fears.

3.What To Do? What to do to remove your partner's fears. Don't hide anything. Be open about your life. When you keep any secrets from your partner, the jealousy increases. If you are the one who is suffering from retroactive jealousy, you can openly ask your partner to do something to remove the insecurity in you.

4.Online Behaviour: Keep your social media behaviour open and simple to relieve your partner's fears. Liking, commenting or stalking your ex on social media will confirm your partner's fears. If you are the one who is jealous then talk to your partner if he or she behaves strangely on social media.

5.Bury The Past: Cut contact with your ex if necessary. This will do a lot of good to your current relationship. If you are the one who is suffering insecurity then ask your partner whether he or she can bury the past and cut contact with the ex.

6.Take Steps: Make your partner feel good and let him or her know how special the relationship is. If your partner is making you jealous, explain your feelings openly and ask him or her to make the right moves to remove insecurity.

7.Deal With Retroactive Jealousy: What if your partner never loses fear and insecurity even though you take all steps and cut all ties with your ex to remove retroactive jealousy? Well, in that case, your partner's fears are irrational and may need counseling.

These are the ways that your past makes your partner jealous.