Effective Communication in Relationship


The secret about a successful relationship is good communication. A relationship is not just about rosy days and arguments that go beyond control. In order to save a relationship from a total catastrophe as well as to strengthen the fabric of the relationship, it is very important to have an effective communication with your spouse. The attraction and romance between people having opposite personalities is quite noticeable these days.

1. Listen carefully

The golden rule for effective communication is effective listening. In order to get respect and an ear to listen to your problems, you first need to listen to things yourself. Whenever they feel like talking to you, keep your work at hand aside, stop watching TV or playing a game on the computer, turn to them and show them, you’re listening. Let your non-verbal cues show them you have an interest in what they have to say.

2. Talk in a polite manner

If you have to raise an issue or complain about something, don’t begin by blaming them, taking names or belittling them. Tell them in calm manner that you’d expected them to do something which is not done yet. Ask them the reason for the delay. Ensure you don’t get angry or raise your voice. This will take the conversation in a different direction and kill the topic of your concern.

3. Fix a time for the talk

If you have to inform them about something that concerns your personal or professional life, fix a time for it. Say, tell them you have to talk about something and you need them to be available after dinner. This way, they will prioritize your needs on their list. This will increase your connect with them.

4. Allow them to vent out their thoughts

When you talk to them about something, do not proclaim your decision. Instead, put forth your opinion and expect the same from them. Apart from that, once in a week, at least, sit together and talk about thoughts that have been troubling you. Allow them to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas. Many a times, it happens that they need a person to vent out their feelings, someone with whom they can share and rest assured that won’t lead to a wrong judgment of their character or their words. 

5. Don’t jump to conclusions

When they tell you something, don’t interrupt them by jumping down to a conclusion. You may regret your words later. Sometimes, it happens that they are talking of a problem that they are facing at their office and you cut the conversation by saying that it is a problem with their attitude. After you are done with your ‘blame game’, they tell you that it is a doing of a junior colleague, but it’s a worry for them because they are superior to them and are answerable to the higher management. 

6. Honesty is the best policy

Last but not the least, honesty is the best policy, even in a relationship. When you find something bothering you, talk to your partner about it. Don’t fear the fact that it may lead to outright separation. On the contrary, your partner would love to know what’s happening inside your mind. If there is something that can be changed, it would be highly beneficial to sustain the relationship. In fact, your honesty would help you strengthen your relationship.