Facts That You Must Know About Men And Love

We all know the fact that love works like a drug on the human system. It gives us a high. Also, men who are in love tend to behave in a strange way. In fact, love can also show some of the symptoms close to obsessive compulsive disorder in men. Actually, every time scientists try to study the phenomenon of love or romance, they discover something new.Here are some facts to know about men and love

Facts to know about men and love are:

1.Both men and women fall in love but who will take the first step to propose? Well, a new study claims that men generally make the first move to express love.

2.Men who stray or cheat tend to have lower IQ levels! A study says so. Men who have intelligence tend to deeply respect the bond with a partner and seldom cheat.

3.Are you wondering why men can't stop looking at women? A study claims that average men spend at least a year of their lives staring at women.

4.Men who shave their heads look stronger and taller. Men with beards look mature and powerful. Presence or absence of hair in certain places does all the magic.

5.Men generally walk faster than women; but, when a man walks with a woman, he tends to walk slowly to match with her pace.

6.A new study declared that men generally spend more money on Valentines day than on a marriage day.

7.Though love is a beautiful phenomenon, men who are in love tend to be less productive.

These are the facts to know about men and love.