Facts To Know About Does Breast Size Affect Relationship

Though women think that men are very particular about breast size, it isn't totally true. Not all men think alike. Psychologists say that many factors like background, exposure, cultural conditioning and personal views play a role in a man's preferences. That is why some men like medium size and some men think that only big is beautiful.Apart from all that, even the mainstream media also plays a role in our views. In countries where super slim models dominate the media, men subconsciously believe that a beautiful woman should look like that.Here are some facts to know about does breast size affect relationship.

Facts to know about does breast size affect relationship are:

1.In a survey, nearly 1000 men of various age groups (between 22 and 50 years) were asked several questions regarding their preferences. The first observation was: regardless of size, men love breasts.

2.Does bust size affect relationships? 91% of the men who participated in the survey said that only love or lack of it makes a difference in a relationship, not size.Maybe, no man would file for divorce or love his spouse more just because of bust size.

3.Do you think size doesn't matter? No! Almost 70% of the men admitted that they search for pictures of women with big assets to get a high when they are idle.

4.Women with small breasts generally worry whether they could get a boyfriend. But most of the men say that the overall impact a woman creates on them is more important than only the size of the bust.

5.Almost all men agreed that too big or too small would be a disappointment. In a poll, 50% of the men voted for size B or C. 25% of them voted for big and 25% voted for small size.

6.Some studies claim that men with higher social status prefer smaller size and men who are still struggling to earn tend to prefer bigger size.

7.In a study, men were asked to sit and wait in a crowded marketplace. They were monitored with hidden cameras. After an hour, when the footage was analysed, a majority of the participants were found staring at women who have slightly bigger size. But when the same men were asked whether bust size matters, most of them said "No"!

Men are fascinated with size; no doubt about it. But in a relationship, many other factors like love and compatibility play a role; not just physical features.