Facts To Know About Orgasm Without Touching

Men are eager to learn every single technique under the sun about love making but seldom do they understand what makes their partners reach an orgasm.And maybe that is the reason why many men end up enjoying the best orgasms but most of the women keep complaining that they never experienced one!When you are selfish about your own pleasure, neither could you give an orgasm nor could you experience one that is ecstatic! So, before learning how to give an orgasm physically, it is good to learn how to stimulate a woman without even touching.Here are some facts to know about orgasm without touching.

1.Most of us know about only one kind of orgasm. It is the climax. But an orgasm could also mean a pleasant release. It need not be just a feeling that arises out of physical contact. In fact, the real orgasmic feeling comes from the merging of one into another whether its physical, intellectual or spiritual.

2.Secondly, you can't actually give anyone an orgasm. They should first have a desire for it. They should crave for it. Without that craving, you can't do anything. You can't force the other person into it.

3.Many studies claim that an orgasm is a choice that your subconscious mind makes after liking someone. If the choice isn't made deep inside, you can't reach an orgasm and the same applies to your partner.

4.In romance, all you need is to allow. Yes, allow things to be. An orgasm happens if you allow it to happen. The same applies to your partner. Unless she allows it to happen, it will never happen.

5.An orgasm is total surrender. If you have the ability to go with the flow and allow your body and mind to merge in the ocean of bliss, only then an orgasm can occur. So, if your partner needs to experience it, she will, only when she surrenders herself to the flow of love.

6.An orgasm is a matter of giving more without bothering to take anything in return. Unless you are generous in love and love making, you can't make her reach that state. If you are selfish, neither you nor she will taste the joy in bed.

7.Do you think that only touch affects the other person? Well, have you never seen your words affect the other person's moods? Have you ever seen your actions from a distance affect your partner? Have you ever seen how even your gaze can lighten up her moods? So, it is possible to make her reach that state of mind even without touching.

8.Many studies claim that partners who are deeply in love with each other seldom need to touch each other to directly reach that orgasmic state of mind.

These are the facts to know about orgasm without touching.