How To Know That Are You Getting Manipulated

No doubt love is blind, there are a few things that should be done in limits. If you're wondering what we are discussing about in this article, then it is all about the signs of you being manipulated in your relationship.When you love a person, their love overshadows everything else in the world. However, we do not realise that the relationship is crossing its limit when we have to actually put a brake to it.For sure, you would agree with some of the signs, as we all have come across them at some point of time.There is a thin line in being possessive and being lovable. When you realise the relationship is getting complicated, then be careful with these signs which show that you are getting manipulated into one.Here are some ways to know that are you getting manipulated.

1.They Need To Know All Your Updates: This sounds cute in the initial days of your relationship. Not when you know each other way too well. This will always keep the person conscious about their likes and dislikes and do stuff according to their partner, as they are answerable.

2.Your Stuff Is Checked Constantly: This is something that you should put your foot down to. Never let ANYBODY touch your damn phone. After all, you need to have some privacy right?

3.Find Faults In Your Friends: They try to get reasons to just hate your friends. This makes you keep distance from your own set of friends. Remember that you do have a life apart from your partner.

4.Constantly Unnecessary Issues Crop Up: This makes you wonder what wrong have you done and you realise they just over reacted for a silly thing. To rectify this, do have a talk with them, as it is really important.

5.You Never Get Your Space: You miss "YOUR TIME" in the relationship. It is always about "US". This gets annoying and irritating over a period of time. Instead, make them understand that you need some time for yourself.

6.They Are Not OK With A Friend Of The Opposite Sex: Even if you have been friends with somebody of the opposite sex for quite long, then you end-up distancing yourself from them, as you are not liking that your partner is feeling insecure about it. This shows you are being manipulated.

These are the ways to know that are you getting manipulated.