How To Know That Do Looks Matter To Women

Looks do matter to a certain extent, but here is the good news: looks are not everything to attract women. In many surveys, women have admitted that good looking guys do attract them but not in all cases.You must have seen many couples where the woman was hot and the man was just above average. That explains that even the most beautiful women are in search of something else in a man apart from his surface level looks.May be only immature girls in college may fall for the external attractions. Once a woman matures, her intellectual preferences take the front seat and that is when she looks beyond the mere looks of a man. Here are some ways to know that do looks matter to women.

1.Some Women Are Attracted To Intelligence: Some women admitted in a survey that an intelligent guy looks hotter than a good looking guy. There is something about a guy who seems to know it all.

2.Some Women Are Attracted To Money: There is nothing wrong in it. Some women perceive rich men as attractive. Well, as money indicates resources and the capacity to offer comforts, a man who is rich may seem attractive to them.

3.Some Women Are Attracted To Power: A man who holds power, position and status in the society looks very hot to some women. Some women said that they tend to feel secure with powerful men.

4.Some Women Are Attracted To A Good Physique: A man who is muscular and ripped to the bone surely is a treat to the eyes of a woman. Yes, a section of women get turned on by broad shoulders and massive muscles. Such men look like protectors.

5.Some Women Are Attracted To Kindness: A kind hearted man comes across as the best man to some women. Such a man fills his surroundings with love and affection.

6.Some Women Are Attracted To Skills And A Sharp Mind: Men with sharp mind and skill sets come across as people with competitive spirit and successful qualities. They can easily climb any ladder and that makes them look attractive.

7.Some Women Are Attracted To The Ability To Hold A Conversation: Something is very hot about a man who can hold a very stimulating conversation and some women wish to spend hours together in the company of such a man.

8.Some Women Are Attracted To Inner Magnetism: In some cases, one cannot pinpoint what's really so magnetic about a person. That's inner magnetism and men who possess that end up winning most of the women.

9.Some Women Are Attracted To Fathering Qualities: There are some women who get turned on when they see a man who comes across as a good father.

10.Some Women Are Attracted To A Man Who Can Make Them Moan: Of course, nobody can deny that lovemaking is a beautiful experience. Some men are born with superhuman abilities in the bedroom. Some women are attracted to such men but only for a short duration. Once they get over the cravings, the attraction is gone.

These are the ways to know that do looks matter to women or not.