How To Know That Does Virgin Men Fail On First Night

Don't blame your man if he fails to live up to expectations on the first night, especially if he is a virgin. You may need to give him another chance.Many men think that watching lots of porn and reading lots of books or romantic movies will make them champs in bed but unfortunately, that isn't possible during the first experience.At least, a survey says that not all men can do it well the first time. 70 % of the men mess up things on the first night! But don't worry as there is hope. The same survey claims that men gradually learn the ropes and become better in bed. In fact, some men later turn into champs in bed as experience teaches them many things.

1.Lack of experience is the first excuse he can give if he fails on the first night. Don't blame him. A virgin may need time to learn everything.

2.As a person, you are totally new to him. He doesn't know the interiors of your body and not all men can feel free without clothes on the first night. Time could solve such issues. Let familiarity grow.

3.80% of the men undergo anxiety at least when they are trying it for the first time. Some men outgrow that anxiety in the second session. So, excuse him for the first failure.

4.Some men undergo irrational fears when they haven't experienced intimacy before. They think that women may look down upon a male virgin. You may need to assure him that being a virgin isn't a failure.

5.Maybe your high expectations have spoiled the game. Sometimes, expecting too much from him could disappoint him. You must have watched too many spicy movies which made you think that every experience is ecstasy. Frankly speaking, some episodes could be good and some episodes could be bad depending upon a range of factors. Let your virgin man first feel free to get naked with you before judging him.

6.Whether you believe it or not, some men experience pain during the first experience. Yes, when the skin is tight on the manhood, stretching it could cause pain and this could ruin the experience. Gradually, they may come out of this problem or else a doctor can suggest treatment options.

7.As the saying goes, practice makes men perfect. Many men gradually get better in bed. Let him explore your likes and dislikes. Don't make him feel conscious. He will surely be the best if you encourage him and inspire him.

These are the ways to know that does virgin man fail on first night.