How To Know That You Are Dating A Gold Digger

Money plays an important role in our lives and there's nothing wrong if your date wants to know about your financial stability.Well, when someone wants to settle down with you for a lifetime, they would obviously wish to know how you are doing financially as money brings most of the problems when living together.But a gold digger is totally different. To such a person only money, status and material comforts matter more than love and affection. And when you run out of money, a gold digger may even betray you.Here are some ways to know that you are dating a gold digger.

1.She is curious to know about your annual income, financial background, assets and social influence during the first few conversations. Even before knowing what kind of a person you are, she tries to know how big your pockets are.

2.She is obsessed with status. She seems to talk only about status, self importance, money, material comforts, new clothes, cars, luxurious mansions, celebrities, holidays and so on.

3.She never pays the bill. Every time she comes out with you, you need to carry a heavy wallet to pay for all her expenses.

4.Sometimes, she asks you money and never bothers to even return it. She never thinks twice to use your money for any of her needs.

5.And when she's upset with you, an apology works only if you gift a very expensive mobile or ornament. This is a dangerous sign.

6.She tries to befriend only people with high status. All her friends have expensive cars, and social status.

7.Whenever you gift her with something expensive, she makes you feel like a stud. And during normal days, she may make you feel like a loser!

These are the signs that you are dating a gold digger.