How To Know That You Are Trapped In A Relationship

Relationships are something that need to be real and the feelings cannot be faked for a long period of time. Being in a fake relationship will only make matters worse.Initially, when the relationship would have started, everything would have been the best and it would have been perfect. But as time passes by you realise that to some extent you are faking yourself to be happy in the relationship.Here are some signs that you are trapped in a relationship.

Signs to know that you are trapped in a relationship are:

1.They Do Not Read Your Mind: Sometimes all you need is that one look to share with your partner, as it takes for fireworks to go off in your minds. If your partner fails to connect to this, then there are chances that things are not that perfect.

2.There Is Zero Chemistry: One needs to understand that when there is no chemistry between the couple, the relationship goes stale and can be lifeless. You need to realise that you are trapped in a soul-less relationship.

3.They Never Compliment You: We all love compliments and there is no denial about it. Being praised for the little things can only strengthen the relationship. If this is missing, then something is not right in the relationship.

4.You Feel The Need To Retype Text Messages: Worrying about what you have to say in a text should not worry you. If it does, then understand the reason that is making you do this. Type, delete, start over. Rinse, wash, repeat should not be a process.

5.You Are Forever Explaining Your Actions: Every single time you have to reassure your love to them and assure your own self that you're with the right person, instead of them being able to see it themselves. This can be a sign that you are trapped in a fake relationship.

These are the signs to know that you are trapped in a fake relationship.