Is Love Selfish

Many say that love is the most selfless thing existing on earth. However there are plenty of other arguments that challenge the concept of selflessness in love. They state that love is the most selfish feeling ever. So is love really selfish? Find that out over here.

1. When you begin to like someone, you try to project yourself in a positive manner in front of that person. You reveal only your good side due to which that person finds you extremely desirable. The very fact that you want a person only for yourself exhibits your selfish side. What’s even more selfish is that you don’t mind hiding your flaws before them.

2. When that person finally enters your life, you find yourself wanting to do different things for them to keep them happy. When you see that smile on their face, you feel like being on the seventh heaven. You really don’t mind going to any extent to see them happy again. This is because when you see them happy, it makes you happy. This is also a sign of selfishness.

3. When you love someone, you tend to get possessive about that person. You don’t like to share them with anyone else. It doesn’t matter to you whether there is someone better than you for them out there. You love them too much to let them go. You find yourself hanging onto them, no matter what. Now, isn’t that selfish?

4. If tomorrow your relationship doesn’t last, you find yourself begging for your love to come back into your life. You can’t stand the fact of losing the one you love, no matter what. This is the fourth and the last sign of being selfish in love.