Know About the 80/20 Rule in Relationships

1. Find the missing 20% of your relationship/your boyfriend

Your relationship or boyfriend might be having some small flaws that irritate you or make you feel embarrassed sitting in a group. Your job is to find out what’s missing and work on it. So, jot down all the things you don’t like about your ‘next to perfect’ boyfriend and discover what is it that can make him ‘perfect’.

2. Communicate and enhance mutual understanding

If you don’t enjoy talking to someone, you can’t build a strong relationship with him. You have to enjoy his company! So, communicate with your partner. Let him know the things you like to talk about and find out things he likes to talk about!

3. Remember that no partner is going to be perfect

Nobody is perfect and that’s why every man you date will have some flaws. So, avoid dwelling on your partner’s negative traits and try to focus on the positive ones. Make a list of the 80% positive things he has along with the 20% things you don’t like in him. Appreciate him for his positive traits and work together on the negatives.

4. Make changes in yourself

Find out your negative points and work on them. Ask him what he doesn’t like about you. Meeting half way will help you to have a great relationship!

5. Respect your partner

Respect is the most important thing in a relationship. Never be dominant or disrespectful towards the other. If your partner is less qualified, an introvert or too shy, then boost his confidence instead of disrespecting him or making sarcastic remarks. This will make him love and respect you even more.