Know The After Effects Of An Intense Date

Soon after an intense date, you might feel tired for some time for all the intense things you have done on that date. In fact, what happens when you spend a whole day in bed with a loved one?The first benefit is that all your worries fade away when you are enjoying a tight hug. And as long as you are glued to his or her body, you may not have anything else in your mind except bliss.When your whole being is busy enjoying the intoxication of romance, your rational mind shuts down. This is the reason why couples can't discuss about anything or argue about anything when they are kissing or making love.Here are some after effects of an intense date.

After effects of an intense date are:

1.Generally, your appetite may dip a bit during an intense date as your whole being is focused on only one thing- deriving as much pleasure as possible from those sweet moments. So, either you may feel very hungry after the date or your appetite may still be low.

2.If you have ever observed, you tend to feel immense peace after you wake up the next morning. Without any reason you tend to feel calm and happy the day after an intense date. This is due to the changes in the brain chemistry.

3.A general sense of satisfaction follows. You will suddenly feel that your life is worth it when you feel loved by someone. An intense date can actually erase a few regrets that were nagging you inside your subconscious mind. Love heals some wounds and erases emotional scars.

4.Intense dates may accompany love bites if your lover has the habit of scratching or biting in a sweet subtle way. The next day, when you look at them, you will feel proud of your existence as they resemble the passion of your loved one. You will feel attractive and your confidence levels will increase.

5.You will spend some time day-dreaming about silly and dirty acts that you have done on that intense date. You may also imagine some more dirty things that you could have done.

6.The world looks more beautiful for a while as your whole body is filled with chemicals that make you feel good. This is good because, we tend to attract positive energy only when we are filled with positive emotions.

7.You will start craving and planning for the next intense date as your lips tend to long for some moisture and your empty hands will long for warm surfaces.

These are the after effects of an intense date.