Know The Safe Ways To Tell Your Partner About Your Ex

Break ups can happen in life! But revealing about your ex to your partner is a tough job. Sharing your past experience with your partner will definitely help you to lead a peaceful life. However, how and when you share this is a big issue. There are some safe ways to tell your partner about your ex. Some people think that there is no need to disclose their past relationships and its experiences. Some others feel that they must tell their partner about the ex. Experts suggest that one must reveal their past only in the right time and in the right way. So, make sure that the time you speak about your past is appropriate and will help enhance your life.You can find many ways to tell your partner about your past. But, you must keep certain things in mind before revealing things. Most of the partners are curious about the past relationships and experiences. Partners with too much curiosity are very dangerous and so, you must talk with more care. Here, we will discuss about some of the safe ways to tell your partner about your ex.

1.Not On The First Date: One of the safe ways to tell your partner about your ex is to find the right time. It is always better not to disclose the details on the first day of dating. As your relation with your partner grows, take an opportunity to disclose the experience with your ex.

2.Slip From A Friend’s Story: Utilize the time and opportunity well to tell about your ex. You can bring in the love stories of your friends and can slip to your story from there. The benefit of this is that you can end the topic by returning to the friend’s story.

3.While Watching A Movie: Watching a romantic movie may give you some chance to introduce the topic. This will be the best chance to reveal it in a funny way. Just make an impression that you didn’t take it seriously anymore.

4.Watch His Mood: Never ever tell about your ex when your partner is not in a good mood. They may have many tensions. Telling about your ex at that time will be like adding oil to the fire. Before talking, you must understand about your partner’s attitude and the comfort zone. It is one of the ways to tell your partner about your ex.

5.When He Is Excited: Another one of the safe ways to tell your partner about your ex is to tell the matter when your partner is excited about something else like a job promotion or any other career achievements.

6.Send An Email: If the matter is too serious, it is better to avoid chances to argue on the topic. Send a short email to him. This will give him some time to think, understand the matter and stay relaxed before you both meet again.

7.Not On Bed: Never even think about sharing your old love story while you are on the bed. This will make a bad impression that you thought about your ex during your most romantic moments.

These are the safe ways to tell your partner about your ex.