Know These Dating Mistakes Even Smart Daters Make

There are a few mistakes that a person makes even when he is an expert.These are the mistakes that give away your flaws and you will be left wondering how did it even happen! These mistakes can make you lose out on meeting your soul mate, hence you got to aware of these.From dodgy body language to lack of detailed attention, any of these sorts can make your date a miserable one. Don't forget that these signs are being judged by a person in front of you.So, here we bring to you the age-old research that says that first impression is always the best impression. These tips will help you correct yourself on certain things because of which your date is going bad.Find out more about these dating mistakes that even an expert can make, so you'll be more aware not to do them yourself when you're out on a date next.Here are some dating mistakes even smart daters make.

1.Your Bad Posture: The way you sit in front of them does matter. It shows your involvement in the talk. DO NOT fold your hands and keep them closer to your body. Instead, relax and stretch your limbs and talk to them. This gives them an impression that you are comfortable with them.

2.You Smile Less: If you are an introvert, then you need to work on this tip. A research has proved that at least 64% of the people judge you based on your smile. Isn't this a reason for you to smile at the right time, when on a date?

3.Less Body Movement: You do not move or have any facial expressions, which can make the other person feel uncomfortable. Sitting and not moving your hands also can make you look dumb. Instead, move your hands around in the right way and do smile to make the person feel comfortable.

4.You Are Too Rehearsed: You have been going on too many dates off late and unknowingly you pretend to be the master of all tricks on a date! Well, this just gives an impression that you are too well rehearsed for your date. Do note that your chances for further dates with this person reduces drastically.

5.You Stink: Nothing is worse than going on a date with a bad body odour. A research has proved that around 85% of the people reject their second dates with people who have a bad body odour. Make sure you wear some perfume or chew a gum before you meet a person.

These are the dating mistakes that super daters make.