Know These Flirting Mistakes Guys Make

It isn't easy to win someone. You may need to talk, walk and walk the talk and do a lot more. And when it comes to men, they try to start the whole story with eye-contact flirting.And then they try to approach the woman to start a conversation. Soon after the conversation reaches a comfortable zone, they try to stat flirting.That is the exact juncture where a majority of men are filtered by women. Any woman can see through a man's personalty when he starts flirting.Here are some flirting mistakes that guys make.

Flirting mistakes that guys make are:

1.Desperation: While flirting with someone, if you come across as too desperate, you will lose it. Yes, women may feel bored if a guy shows too much of interest. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should show no interest. Subtlety is the key.

2.Praising Too Often: Some men go clueless when flirting. So, all they can think of is praising the woman. While doing that, they start exaggerating. This looks cheap to any woman.

3.Creepy: Some men look creepy when they start flirting. That is because their eyes reflect their greed, lust and other emotions that make them look repulsive.

4.Bragging: Some men immediately start bragging when they start flirting. That is because they think that women will easily fall if a man comes across as successful, powerful or rich. But any woman can read out the mind of a bragging man.

5.Telling Tales: A guy who tells tales while flirting is another turn off. Some men lose themselves while creating stories of their bravery.

6.Pretensions: Some guys pretend a lot while flirting. They try to change their voice and body language to look tough. Some start imitating stars and celebrities. Some men walk differently, try to wear a serious intense look on their faces thinking that women will fall for such maneuvers.

These are the flirting mistakes guys make.