Know These Lies We Have Been Told About What Men Want

When it comes to dating, we often become more inquisitive to know more about the other person's likes and dislikes. In this process, we often learn more about the other person. Sometimes, our inquisitive nature can make us think that the thoughts and opinions we form about the other person are not always true. Thoughts can be deceptive as well.Men are often confused about what a woman thinks. They often make blunders by expecting the most unexpected things from a woman. In the same way, a woman is not very sure about knowing a man completely. Trying to find out about a man completely is something that women always want to master themselves at.Here are some lies that we have been told about what men want.

1.Men Love A Woman’s Mysterious Side: A woman cannot keep a man interested by keeping him feeling uncertain about everything. No one wants to be left wondering who you really are and what you are up to when you elusively don't share your personal thoughts and feelings.

2.Men Don’t Want Emotional Women: In simple words, men don't hate emotional women. Instead, they just hate it when a woman does not communicate her feelings in a simple, direct way which completely annoys them. They do like an emotional woman.

3.Men Want A Woman Who Is More Casual: This statement holds true in high school or college when we're young and immature. However, as one matures, things change. Studies reveal that grown and mature men want feminine women more than casual women.

4.Men Only Want What They Can’t Have: Men who only want what they can't have are generally unaccountable boys. One needs to remember that a mature man who has been looking for a partner is usually not interested in playing games.

5.Men Don't Appreciate Smart, Funny Women: Men love to feel emotionally safe with a woman they love. They love spending some good time with such women. Men do appreciate the funny side of a lady as well. Certain men would really prefer smartness over looks.

These are the lies that we have been told about what men want.