Know These Perfect Valentine's Day Plans When You're Totally Broke

It is that time of the year when people spend a lot of money to express their love. If you are running short of money and wondering how to woo your partner, this article is just for you.Showing your partner that you care really does not require you to buy expensive gifts or spend on exotic holidays. It is all about the effort which you take in that really matters. Have you ever realised that the most romantic gestures and times spent together have nothing to do with money? It is all about how you express love to your partner and in turn how much you really love them.Here are some perfect valentine's day plans when you are totally broke.

1.Bake Cookies Instead Of Buying Chocolates: Do not spend money on buying chocolates. Instead, invest your money on buying flowers for your lady love. Spending on truffles that are just not worth it can make you only feel low. So, instead, bake your lady some delicious cookies and relish them on this day. For sure, she is going to love it!

2.Be Creative With Your Food Presentation: In case you're married, every day you can make a new creative dish and express your love to her by just being a little creative in your food presentation. You can cut your salad veggies in a cute heart shape or bake a pizza in a heart shape. This effort will surely woo your partner.

3.Cook Dinner Instead Of Going Out Going out: on a dinner just for valentine's day is not so special as compared to the one that you can have at home. Create an ambiance at your love nest by playing some soothing music and light candles and spend some quality time with your partner, while they relish your cooked meal.

4.Look For Discounts: If you are not keen on spending much time on cooking, then online discounts can be your savior. All you need to do is to keep a track of the discounts that are available and strike the hammer when you think it's the best deal. This way, your partner will enjoy the evening and it will also certainly save your money!

5.Visit A Free Art Exhibition: This is for the ones who love art. Take your partner to these free exhibitions and see them enjoy, as they explore new stuff with every moving step. For sure, they will cherish this, as you're caring for their likes and dislikes. Both ways, you win a brownie point!

6.Stargaze: This is beautiful way of expressing your love to your partner. All you need to do is to put on some warm clothes and go on a nice quiet drive in the night. Stop at a place where you see the sky is clear and pull out the star map. Check for some of the special stars and make a promise to each other that every valentine's day you both are going to stargaze together.

7.Surprise: Your partner will know that you are pathetic in being romantic. But, you can surprise them by learning a few dance steps and performing for them. We bet, you are going to get a big peck for your effort!

These are the perfect ways to celebrate valentine's day when you are totally broke.