Know These Reasons Why She Will Not Open Up To You

Imagine this situation. You have come across many women in your life but nobody seemed to fit your expectations. And then one fine day, you came across someone who has all the qualities that you expect in a woman.So, you start dating her and feel very lucky. But what if the woman refuses to open up to you? That is when you again get caught up in confusion. When a woman never reveals herself totally, you feel incomplete in your relationship with her.Even though you show your loving side to her and come across as trustworthy, she never opens up to you. And you wonder what to do because she is among the rare women you have seen and you can't afford losing her.Here are some reasons why she will not open up to you.

1.She Isn't Ready: Some women carry a defense mechanism during the initial stages of a relationship. They don't reveal anything during that period. But if you wait for some time, till they feel free with you, you can ask and know anything about them.

2.She Was Hurt In The Past: Some women who were hurt in the past also tend to build a huge wall around themselves and hate to tell anything about their past to man.

3.She Has Some Deeper Issues: Even after spending considerable time with her and winning her heart in many ways, if she doesn't open up then it could also mean that certain scars have remained in her sub-conscious mind. May be, it could be her childhood or her teenage abuse stories- something is troubling her inside.

4.She Has A Problem In Expressing: Some people are not as expressive as others. So, they may not feel like telling anything at all. So, its neither your mistake nor hers. Take it easy!

5.It's Not At All Her Nature: If you have thought that all women are very emotional and are open about their feelings then you are mistaken. There are some who are cold and distant. They are totally detached and you can never make them cry or say a word about anything.

6.She Doesn't Trust You: Maybe she was trained by her elders not to trust men easily. So, unless her parents give here green signal, she won't tell you anything about her past.

7.Maybe She's Worried About Your Reaction: If she thinks that her past is an ugly thing which may change your perception about her, then she could be guarding the secret to ensure that your interest in her doesn't wane. If that is the case, you must make her feel secure. Hug her tightly and tell her you won't leave her.

8.She Is Too Conscious About Her Flaws: Some people who were bullied when they're young due to certain flaws tend to develop a nature that makes them cover their flaws. It takes time for them to realise that nobody is perfect and imperfection is okay.

These are the reasons why she is not open up to you.