Know These Secret Of Male Attractiveness

Half of the men are busy pumping iron in the gyms. They strongly believe that their muscles are going to fetch them someone to date.Some men are busy making money day in and day out thinking that women can be lured into a luxurious lifestyle.But researchers disappoint all men by saying that both muscles and monies may not be enough to have the perfect woman by your side.Here are some things to know about the secret of male attractiveness.

1.One recent study conducted on more than 10,000 women claims that women are comfortable with men who are confident. Men who don't care how they look and still carry themselves with confidence can create an air of respectability.

2.Another study claims that 75% of women like men who are altruistic. A man who involves himself in helping others, comes across as a good father and may be a good option for long term relationships.

3.In one study, where the participants were women, each participant was asked to choose two partners; one for long term and one for a fling. Do you know what happened? 

4.Most of the women chose random types of men (both handsome and average looking men) for a one-night stand but when it comes to a long term relationship, they carefully chose altruistic, kind-hearted men who are also confident.

5.Also, a small percentage of women who are around 20-22 years (that participated in the study), chose narcissistic men who are good-looking. It clearly explains why young women fall in the trap of bad boys.

6.Though looks are surely a bonus, men may first need to work on a becoming a better human being before pumping everything into the muscles.

7.Also, men who are not so conscious about their looks and who don't carry an arrogant attitude tend to score well in the eyes of intelligent women.

These are secret of male attractiveness.