Know These Signs Of An Emotional Affair

If your partner or spouse gets close to someone emotionally without getting physically intimate then it is known as an emotional affair.Relationship experts say that emotional affairs are more dangerous than other types of affairs as they could increase the distance between a couple.More than 15% of the marriages are said to fail because of emotional closeness of one of the partners with someone outside. This is the reason why emotional closeness should be taken seriously.Here are some signs of an emotional affair.

Signs of an emotional affair are:

1.She Develops Close Friendship With Someone: If your partner develops closeness to someone, this is the first sign of an emotional affair. The person could be her colleague or neighbour or any man who has connected well emotionally with her.

2.She Prefers Sharing Her Feelings With That Person: When a woman is emotionally close to any man, she prefers to share her feelings with him.

3.They Plan Dates: Going out with a male colleague is a normal matter. But if they are planning dates and trying to spend even the weekends together then you.

4.She Is Comfortable Touching: If your wife is comfortable touching the person or holding hands then it is a sign that she is getting close to him.

5.She Cries When Confronted: If she breaks down or gets hyper the moment you question about her bond with him then it could be one sign that she is already very attached with him.

6.They Look Happy In Each Others' Company: if your wife feels cool and natural in his company then it means she is close to him.

7.Something Seems Wrong: If your intuition keeps saying that there is something wrong in the way your wife moves with her male colleague then it is one sign your wife is emotionally close to him.

These are the signs of an emotional affair.