Know These Signs That You Are In Love With Your BFF

There is nothing more beautiful than falling in love with your best friend. This is something that does not happen in a day or two. Most of the times, the person does not even realise that he/she is in love with the best friend, until a special person appears in the best friend's life. That is when they are sure about their emotions.It is a very common thing that you have a best friend of the opposite sex. And it is very rare that you do not fall in love with them.Here are some signs taht you are in love with your BFF.

1.You Text All The Time: From the day's start until you sleep, you are constantly texting and updating each other about the most silliest things that are happening around you. When something happens in your life, they would be the first ones to come to your mind.

2.Care About Their Happiness: When it is about being happy, your best friend is your first priority. You go ahead and do things to make sure that your best friend is happy. This can be doing the weirdest thing that they would like to see you doing too.

3.Finish Their Sentences: You can practically read your friend's (your love's) mind! Understanding what they are going to share and expressing out the same thing is sure a sign that you are falling in love with your bestie.

4.Share Dirty Jokes: Best friends are those with whom we crack the most nasty and disgusting jokes, and without any hesitation too. This is due to the comfort level that we guys share. This can be a start to a new relationship too, don't you think?

5.Need Nobody Else When They're Around: Being around them and spending time together is the best thing in the world. You do not need anybody around to have fun. And sharing those silly laughs will for sure make you fall in love with them.

6.Jealousy Sucks: You cannot handle it when your best friend gets closer to anybody else. Even if they are of the same sex, they do not have the rights to get close to your bestie! This can sometimes lead to fights; but when you are friends, they would choose you over anything.

7.Your Family Knows Them: Even if your family has not met them, they know the most stupidest thing that your best friend did last month. This is because you cannot get tired of talking about them.

8.They Really Matter To You: They are like a family member that you cannot do without. Their likes, dislikes, opinions and choices matter a lot to you. You know they want the best for you, as they are the ones who know us better than ourselves.

9.“I Thought Of You When”: There is no random time or thing that would remind you about your bestie (or should we say your new-found love), as they are always stuck on your mind. This can be one of the reasons that you can fall in love with them too.

These are the signs that you are in love with your BFF.