Know These Signs That You Have Physical Compatibility

Just like emotional compatibility, even physical compatibility also plays an important role in relationships. When your body is in tune with your partner's, you tend to enjoy more between the sheets.Though physical compatibility is important, it is not wise to choose someone solely basing on physical comfort levels. But at the same time, ignoring the physical comfort also isn't wise.Here are some signs to know that you have physical compatibility.

Signs that you have physical compatibility are:

1.If you and your partner are okay with the timings and the frequency of lovemaking then it is a sign that you are physically compatible.

2.Both of you get into the mood almost at the same time. You are available to each other during those phases. This is another sign.

3.You don't need to beg your partner when you are craving for some fun. Your partner co-operates with you without making you think that you are asking for a favour. And you do the same. This is another sign of good physical compatibility.

4.Even in bed, both of you enjoy similar types of games. Your partner's choices don't hurt you and your choices don't hurt your partner.

5.You feel like being more flexible to offer more pleasure to your partner and your partner also feels the same.

6.You feel free to express your needs in bed and your partner also feels free to communicate about his or her needs.

7.You are not selfish in bed. You try to offer more pleasure to your partner than worrying about your own.

8.There's no performance anxiety in both of you. You don't undergo any pressure before or after the act.

9.Both of you generally 'end' the game together experiencing the ecstasy together. Both of you manage to effortlessly time the climax in most of the episodes.

These are the signs that you have physical compatibility.