Know These Signs That Your Ex Regrets Breaking Up With You

Most women out there have gone through unsuccessful relationships at some point or the other. Breaking up is something that is painful and cannot be described in words.There are weak moments when you think of getting back to your ex and rekindling for good. However, one must say that this is not a good option that one has to look out for.People may feel that keeping in touch with their ex is a good thing, as they'll be updated about their ex's whereabouts; however, this is not a very good idea if your ex is not allowing you to move on in life, especially in case of women.Here are some signs that your ex regrets breaking up with you.

1.He Asks Your Friends About You: Generally time to time, guys and girls split up or get back together, but then you have friends who always stick together. If you hear from your friend that your ex asks about you often, then it's a sign that he is still not over you yet.

2.He Stalks You On Social Media: These days social media has become a perfect tool to spy on other people's profiles and you would be informed of almost every important event that is happening in their lives. He would be checking on your profile every other minute to check on your updates.

3.He Still Calls You When He Is Drunk: Most of the men tend to behave in an extremely reserved manner during the breakup process. So, if he's getting drunk and calling you and justifying of his actions, then think this to be a common sign.

4.He Has Not Dated Any Girl: He would refrain himself from entering into a serious relationship after your breakup. He would either be regretting deeply or expecting that you both would get back together.

5.He Is Still In Touch With Your Family: This is one of the clear signs that he is just not over you. If he tries to keep in touch with your family even after your breakup, then his feelings are still strong and he is fully keen on giving the relationship another try.

6.He Still Has Your Photos: If he has been keeping your photos and notes that are dedicated to you and your relationship, then for sure he feels sorry about breaking up with you and he is trying ways of getting back with you.

These are the signs that your ex regrets breaking up with you.