Know These Signs To Show You Are Just A Friend

Men usually tend to think that they would not come in the category of being friend-zoned. However, a little do they realise that most of them do get friend-zoned at some point of time in their life.Thinking that the person you are falling for is also interested in you might be the biggest mistake that you might be making, dear men. The girl might just be interested in your friendship, so dude hold your horses.Do not let your imagination wander and lose out on the beautiful relationship that you share with her.Here are some signs to show that you are just a friend.

1.You Are Her Shopping Partner: Every time she needs to shop, the first thing she would do is to pull you along. If you think this is still confusing, then the only way to be clear is if she was interested in you, she would spend time with you in a cafe, instead of roaming around.

2.She Calls You Her Best Buddy: She would not shy away from calling you her best buddy. Do not get excited thinking that you are a step closer. Analyse her words, as we're sure she would have mentioned best "buddy" and not love.

3.She Is Your Matchmaker: She might ask you what are the qualities that you like in a girl and you'll tend to see her suddenly introduce you to her set of friends. This might just be a trap to get you hitched to any of her friends. So, better watch out!

4.It Is Gossip Time: She'd love to have the latest gossip sessions with you and would also share minor details. Just like her shopping buddy, you would be the first on the list of her gossip buddy.

5.You Are Her Guide: She considers you to be her guide and consults with you for the smallest issue or problem. This is because she trusts you and knows that you would give her the right advice.

6.The Agony Aunt: Every single time she is in trouble or is feeling low, she'll run up to you with her problems and needs your shoulder to cry on. If you are in this state, then you are definitely friend-zoned, my friend!

7.She Discusses Eye-candies With You: This might be quite a heart-breaking emotion to hear her talk about the latest eye-candy she has seen. This is something that she would not share with you, unless you are her best buddy.

These are the signs to show that you are just a friend.