Know These Signs You Are Being Used By Her

Love and romance are beautiful feelings and they are the only emotions that make life worth living. But unfortunately, there are some men and women who use the very same feeling to exploit others.You must have seen many men luring women into love either for money or sex. Also, there are some women who lure men into love only to exploit him in some ways. Most of the time, the victims of such people are those who desperately crave for love or physical intimacy. And that gradually becomes their weak point and that is when they fall prey to people who exploit them.

1.Whenever she wants a favour from you, she talks sweet and gives you lots of attention. She uses flattery as a weapon.

2.She keeps an eye on your background and keeps counting your assets and bank balances by casually asking about them.

3.She expresses her desire to acquire expensive cars and passively expects you to fulfill those desires.

4.She uses love making as a weapon. If your girlfriend discusses money matters in bed that too, before a steamy session with you, you might need to think twice about the relationship.

5.Imagine this situation. If your girlfriend asks you a favor and when you say no to it she doesn't let you touch her in bed and silently sulks; this is a sign that indicates that lovemaking is used for manipulation.

6.She secretly likes another man but tries to stay in the relationship with you for some other purpose. In fact when you are rich but not intelligent or handsome, you might first need to be clear when people treat you as a magnet. Magnetism comes from inside; so if you are being treated as a magnet because of your money then you are going for a ride.

7.She tries to breakup with you when you stop giving here expensive gifts. This is one sign she is after your material possessions and not your personality.

These are the signs that you are used by her.